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        Together, we can help children to transform their boring conventional seat into playground of the child’s imagination.

        Wobble Stools are chairs that have a slight rocking or swiveling motion that can stimulate children’s creativity and focus. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs to suit different preferences and needs.

        You can start promote this product by highlighting its benefits, such as:

        • It can help children with ADD, ADHD, sensory issues, or restless energy to stay calm and engaged in learning activities.

        • It can improve children’s posture, balance, and core strength by activating their muscles and joints.

        • It can foster children’s imagination and playfulness by allowing them to move and explore different positions and angles


          1.How much does it cost to join your affiliate program?
          Active Chairs affiliate program is absolutely free to join. There are NO hidden fees and you may opt-out anytime you wish.

          2. Can I refer myself?
          If you join our affiliate program solely to refer yourself, your affiliate account will be terminated, and no commissions for those sales will be awarded.

          3. I reside outside of the U.S., can I become an affiliate?
          If you reside outside of US but have US customers, than YES! If your audience reside outside US, we won’t be able to ship any orders to them.

          4. How much commission do you pay?
          The commission depends on performance. Current commission baseline is 20% per sale.There are tiered commission structure

          5. When and how do I get paid?
          Commission Payments - We pay commission fees for balances exceeding $100 (One Hundred and 00/100 U.S. dollars)

          6. What affiliate tracking system do you use?
          We use ShareASale for our affiliate marketing platform.

          7. Do you use cookies to track sales?
          We have 90 days cookies.

          8. How do I get my creative and affiliate tracking links?
          When you are logged in to our affiliate dashboard you will find banners, promotional emails, text links and logos. If you are having trouble locating them, please feel free to contact our affiliate manager at  We want to make promoting our products as easy as possible for you. If there is something specific you would like that will help you promote our products, let us know and we’ll make sure to get it over to you.