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Active Chairs by Studico Introducing

The kids wobble chair keeps your children and teens in motion, engaging their stomach and back muscles, working their legs and arms...almost as if they were running around the yard.
Juniors/Pre-Teens - Age 7-12 - 17.75

Wobble chairs are just as simple as the description of the words wobble chairs. They are chairs that actually wobble. These are seats that normally allow movement during the entire time that the kid is learning. It means that the kid can actually move in every direction and at the same time maintain the natural posture that will help in the development of the spine. The chairs can be said to be one of the best inventions of the century as they will in very many ways help the children to grow and develop and at the same time make the entire learning process as efficient as it can be.

It is surprising how the wobble chairs, in all their simplicity would be able to solve complex issues that range from enhancing the brain capacity of the child to helping in achievement of the right posture.

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Comfort in the right package

Comfort in the right package

We added soft foam padding to the top of the chair for extra comfort. This is not a lazy boy, but the padding makes our products the seat of choice in your classroom. All of this comes in an affordable, light and very usable package.

Healthy feet & focused minds

Healthy feet & focused minds

We designed our chairs with special texture, so when kids rest their feet on the base of the chair, they get to massage their feet. This improves blood circulation and allows them to relax their feet while keeping them occupied.



As kids wobble and wiggle on the seat, their bodies constantly change their position, while keeping their posture nice and straight. We added rubberized surface to the bottom of the chairs, so they will not slip on hard surfaces.

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