The Active Kids Chair Story started a little something like this: Our team is comprised of family people and adventurers from all over the globe. So some of us have kids, some of us are athletes (some of us are big kids at heart) We have a shared understanding of how important it is to keep ourselves healthy, and one of our newest creations are these wobble chairs in three different sizes. We designed them with teachers’ feedback based on their classrooms!
New back pain remedies are no longer news.

Our hands wield tools, our feet take us everywhere we need to be...but our backs...Well, our backs get a fair amount of wear and tear whether we’re jumping about or just, well, sitting still for long periods of time.

These days the familiarity with back massages, Physiotherapy sessions, Chiropractors and Osteopaths are no longer reserved for the zen-like yoga people and sportsmen and women. It’s a known fact that bean bags and gaming chairs are as essential as toasters and perfect lighting in any home...
More about flexible seating in our next posts and blogs
What is new is the recent research on how prevention of back health challenges can and should start with children. Even more exciting and new is the advent of ‘active sitting’ in school.

Have you heard? ‘flexible seating’ is slowly becoming a must in school classrooms. After decades of curating the best of home and kitchen gadgets, our team has decided to spread the true story on how active chairs let active kids stay active...and how such a simple tool helps them become more focused and happier being productive in school.

But first - what is an ‘active chair’ (known in many circles as a ‘wobble chair’)?


A wobble chair keeps children and teens in motion as they sit (and fidget, or stare into space while sitting in class or at home). The chair engages their stomach and back muscles while they sit. That “active sitting” action has incredible health benefits!
★ STRENGTHENS CORE & CORRECTS POSTURE: Regular chairs allow children to slouch and encourage poor posture that can cause back problems later in life, but this wobble chair for kids ensures boys and girls maintain good posture while naturally engaging their cores for stronger, healthier backs.
★ HELPS FIDGETY KIDS WITH CONCENTRATION: Kids of all ages are naturally active, and this chair encourages the high energy child to get their wiggles out while remaining in their seat so their activities and studies get done. The best way to help ADD & ADHD kids handle sitting down for long periods.

★ SOFT CUSHION ON TOP FOR SITTING COMFORT AND FLEXIBLE SEATING: A comfortable cushioned seat allows your son or daughter to wiggle, wooble, move side-to-side, back and forth without fear of tipping over or landing on the floor. Their bottoms stay comfortable while they balance and work out their restlessness.

★ NON-SLIP RUBBERIZED BOTTOM KEEPS CHAIR UNDER YOU: Energetic youngsters love this stool that transforms boring, sedentary sitting into calorie-burning activity. The constant movement keeps blood flowing to back and core. Both ergonomic and fun for kids who need to move constantly.

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