Good posture is something that needs to be developed from childhood. You would be surprised to know the immense amount of health benefits a good posture can provide. By good posture, we basically mean that whatever you are doing sitting, standing or lying down, you need to put yourself in a position where you feel minimal back strain.

In this blog, we will be discussing with you the positive health impacts of good posture and how you can help your kid practice good posture techniques.

Benefits of good posture

Improves memory

Around 25 percent of the oxygen is used up by your brain. When you have a good posture, it improves your breathing mechanism which means more intake of oxygen. This oxygen is used by the brain that improves the cognitive abilities of the child indirectly. What does this imply? A good posture will basically improve your child’s memory and learning capacity in a passive way.

Prevents back and neck pain

This is the most popular benefit of a good posture. Whether you are a child or an adult, if you have good posture, this will prevent your back and neck pain to a great extent. Why so? That is because good posture means less strain on the back, hence your bone development and structure will be better which in turn will improve back and neck pain. The practice of maintaining a good posture helps in the right growth and adjustment of the bone. Tension headaches can also be reduced to a great extent by maintaining a good posture.

Boosts confidence

When you stand or sit straight, you will clearly see how good it makes you look. You will look bold, confident and powerful. How? Strong postures will make you look fit and strong, providing you with the confidence you need for public gatherings. Yes, your child will grow up to be a more assertive and believing person if you help them follow good posture techniques.

Improves body alignment

Good posture may also passively improve digestion. For starters, when you maintain a specific posture, your organs are aligned according to that. This includes all the relevant involuntary and voluntary organs. Besides, you will be slim and tall than your usual self if you maintain a good posture. With proper alignment of bones and muscles, your stomach will feel less pressure and hence you will have a good abdomen region.

Improves breathing

Breathing has a lot to do with the lungs and space within it. You must know that by now. What a good posture does is provide ample space within the rib cage to breathe in and out. This means that a good posture will actually improve breathing as well.

Helps you be in a good mood

All the attributes mentioned before will overall help you stay fit and active. When you are in good shape and health, this will definitely have a positive impact on your mood. Therefore, good posture actually will help your child in a good mood as well.

How to help kids to maintain good posture

Flexible seating arrangements at school

Kids spent a good amount of time at school; hence the practice of maintaining a good posture should also be in school. We would recommend that you encourage your child’s school to go for a flexible seating classroom. The kid chair in those classrooms should be designed as such that facilitates good posture.

Feeding from different sides

As infants, you should feed your child from different sides. Change from time to time, the sides. In this way, the child will learn to try out different positions while sitting, standing or lying down. This might come off as a surprise to you but in the long-term, this does help.

Change position of infants

As your child starts to grow up and learns to sit, change their positions at regular intervals when they are playing or just sitting around. This is also a good practice for your child to initially develop good posture.

Help proper balancing

You should always encourage your children through balancing activities. Like sitting straight on a chair with no backrest or standing on one leg. Balancing helps in maintaining a good posture as well.

Use wobble chairs

Wiggle seats or wobble chairs are quite useful to practice good posture while sitting. It is highly recommended that wobble chairs be used in school or in the kids’ study room to help them practice good posture.

Encourage physical activeness

Being physically active also helps in maintaining a good posture. Sitting or lying down all the time in the same position leads to physical inactiveness, laziness and sedentary behavior in the long run.

Positioning to know about


Head high, tummy in and look straight forward while standing up. Knees should be kept straight and the chest needs to be relaxed and leaned forward.


Knees should be at right angles while sitting and your feet should touch the floor, being absolutely flat. Your shoulder and tummy should be aligned and kept as straight as possible.


Bending the knees and taking feet apart is important while lifting things. Always use help when lifting something heavy.

Lying down

Use one pillow only under your head while lying down. Natural curves should be maintained while lying down. Avoid going to sleep while being completely straight.

The relevance of chair with posture

You’ve spent an ample amount of your life sitting on chairs; hence it is bound to have an impact on your overall body posture. The human body has an inherent tendency to get comfortable. With normal chairs, you get a backrest option and tend to lean on the chair. With wobble chairs or stool, it helps to maintain your posture straight, tummy tight and shoulders straight.


With the immense health benefits that good posture provides, we are sure that you are convinced that it is quite important for kids to learn good posture. Make your kids start practicing good posture practices starting from today for your child to stay fit, healthy and happy.