This year has completely changed so many aspects of our lives, one of them being how our children learn. In a matter of weeks, millions of children had to transition from a normal classroom setting to virtual learning. Now, all of their lessons and interactions are through a computer screen, which has drastically increased the amount of time they spend sitting down.


 The Problem

 Sitting at a desk on the computer and on classrooms all day has many consequences, especially for children. It’s well known that adults sitting for hours at a time predisposes them to heart disease, diabetes, back and neck pain, and obesity. But what we didn’t know is that extended periods of sitting could also affect children.


Studies suggest that kids who sit still for too long are also at higher risk for obesity, damage to their vestibular system (responsible for eye movement, spatial awareness, emotional regulation), decreased focus and energy, and even anxiety and depression.


Recess is an essential part of school because kids need to exercise to develop their central nervous system, brain, bones, and muscles. Children’s sensory systems are still developing, so they need that movement to focus and learn. Movement has also been proven to help kids with ADD or ADHD who fidget be more alert and engaged by redirecting their energy. Now that most of our kids are learning virtually, they aren’t getting the movement they need to help them focus.

 Our children can have the best of both worlds this Christmas. They can still attend online classes and learn, but without the damage done by sitting still.


The Solution

 Our Active Chairs provide a unique solution for children who have a hard time sitting still and focusing for long periods of time. Their wobble chairs, quite simply, wobble. They allow your child to move in every direction, while still focusing on the tasks at hand.


Incorporating motion into a child’s seat has many benefits, including engaging their back and core, and helping them develop strong and healthy muscles. It also corrects and stabilizes their posture, which has many lifelong benefits such as:


  • Fewer headaches
  • More energy
  • Less tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Better lung capacity
  • Improved circulation
  • Healthier digestion


The creators of Active Chairs worked closely with educators to develop the best prototype to help children of all ages focus. When you give your child the gift of Active Chairs this Christmas, you’re also giving them all of these wonderful benefits:


  • Engaging their back, stomach, and leg muscles
  • Foam seat for comfort
  • Orthopedic texture on the foot rest to improve blood circulation
  • Stabilizing and correcting their posture
  • Non-slip grip on the bottom
  • A fun, new way to learn


 Active Chairs make the Best Christmas Gift

 Active Chairs won’t break the bank, and will help your child focus better in class, stay active, and develop their mind and body healthily. Shop now for different sizes and colors for the perfect gift this Christmas!