6 ways active chairs will improve your kid’s body

6 ways active chairs will improve your kid’s body

Sitting for long hours on the job and at home raises your risk of illness and obesity and may shorten your life.

Good posture is something that needs to be developed from childhood. You would be surprised to know the immense amount of health benefits a good posture can provide. By good posture, we basically mean that whatever you are doing sitting, standing or lying down, you need to put yourself in a position where you feel minimal back strain.

The Active Chair,  aims to change sitting time into active time.

Designed with a gently rounded bottom, wobble chairs transform the boring conventional seat, into a playground for your child’s imagination. The innovative wobble chair allows your child’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions.
            Here are the benefits of using wobble chairs instead of regular chairs, over a long period of time:

  1. Improves back muscles


Active sitting, also known as active seating or dynamic sitting, encourages kids to remain in motion rather than staying in a rigid seated posture. Active seating options not only accommodate but promote the natural movements of the body and can help improve spinal positioning and muscle stimulation.

  1. Improves the spine’s position


The force moving onto and off your spine as you exercise in the wobble chair stimulates the body to heal. This is beneficial to prevent herniated discs, muscle strains, nerve pain and spinal abnormalities. The movements also connect your brain to your body so your kid can become more of an active and energetic.

The wobble chair is also used for rehabilitative purposes. The exercises help to restore mobility, decrease pain, and reduce the risk of future injuries. Exercise is key to living a full and healthy life. The effects of immobility extend beyond the spine and into other concerns such as cardiovascular risks and diabetes.

  1. Improves coordination


Active sitting, when done daily, promotes a strong and healthy neurological link between the brain and the body, especially for the lower back. With a strong mind-body connection, your kid will have no issues in the future excelling at certain sports, so set him on a path to success from the start.

  1. It increases cerebra-spinal-fluids (CSF) pressure and flow.

According to Milan Chiropractor and Sports Therapy, the two hemispheres of the brain produce 500-800 ml of CSF in various amounts throughout the day. The fluid is rich in oxygen and glucose; the nutrients the nervous system uses as fuel to function. The fluids are secreted into the subarachnoid space surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This protective sheath covers the entire spinal cord and is attached by a fibrous strand, the filum terminale to the end of the sacrum just in front of the coccyx/tail bone. The pumping action of the sacrum produced by forward-back-side-to-side sacral motion normally produced by walking circulates the CSF and increases the fluid pressure and flow from resting 15 mm mercury up to 50 – 55 mm mercury. After the fluid is circulated around the brain and spinal cord, it empties into the venous system at the brains arachnoid villa. The increase of CSF pressure and flow is also produced by 12 to 15 minutes of Wobble Chair exercising. The increased pressure produces a feeling or mental clarity and physical well-being runners that run far enough to cause the same feelings called “The Runners High”.

  1. Stimulates immune and lymphatic system


80% of the body’s hormonal glands and 70% of the immune systems glands including the lymphatics are housed in the intestines. The figure 8 motion of the wobble chair if performed multiple ( 5 ) times per day causes motions necessary for stimulation of hormonal, immune and lymphatic.

  1. Increases blood flow back to the heart.


The diaphragm’s downward contraction during inhalation causes the vena cava to momentarily increase in size with an increase in venous pressure causing an acceleration of venous blood flow back to the heart.


People are spending an ample amount of life sitting on chairs; hence it is bound to have an impact on the overall body posture. The human body has an inherent tendency to get comfortable. With normal chairs, you get a backrest option and tend to lean on the chair. With wobble chairs or stool, it helps to maintain your posture straight, tummy tight and shoulders straight. Of course, increased focus and doing better in school are a huge bonus too.


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